Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge

Dixie Stampede is a tradition for a lot of families when they plan a visit to the Great Smoky Mountain and Pigeon Forge area. Pigeon Forge thrives on pure family entertainment and Dixie Stampede has been able to bring that for over 27 years. Sold out shows speak volumes when the city is full of a variety of entertainment and folks attend year after year, sometimes more than once a year so they can catch both their regular show and their Christmas celebration as well. Why is that? Clean, fun merriment for all ages! It is a dinner show as well and boy their food is mighty savory! Their meal consists of a rotisserie chicken (yes, a whole one), hickory smoked barbecue pork loin, creamy vegetable soup, a homemade biscuit (perfect for dipping in the soup), corn on the cob, an herb potato and dessert! They even offer a vegetarian meal if you would prefer not having meat. It consists of vegetable pasta, soup, biscuit, corn on the cob and dessert. Can everyone say yummy?! It is all to be eaten with your fingers too! No utensils handed out.  After all it is not called the “most fun place to eat in the Smokies” for nothing. No worries, they give you plenty of napkins for clean up duty. My personal favorite aspect of their delicious meal is the soup. It is the best and I don’t even like soup! I’ll be at 3919 South River Road if you are feeling generous and in need of some good karma. Wink!

Have a child in your family that is absolutely enthralled by horses? Visit this show and they will love you forever! Which of course they already will, but you will see the razzle – dazzle in their eyes from seeing all the horse tricks! They also have a chance to pet the horses once the show is over, making it a great picture opportunity for yet another captured memory of your Pigeon Forge vacation.

They changed things up quite a bit in 2015 so if you have not had a chance to visit in the last two years, you absolutely want to make sure you see their all new show. A whole new set and they added acrobatics, new lighting and more. A whole overhaul if you will. Oh and our Cedar Lodge property is located directly behind Dixie! You simply just need to walk across the street-how is that for convenience? Being located on the Pigeon Forge river, our property is the perfect vacation spot! Book your Pigeon Forge condominium today and then make those Dixie Stampede reservations! Oh and ask for a Dixie coupon when you check in with us. You will save $5 off each adult ticket and $1 off each child.  We want to make your getaway the best possible! Hopefully you will agree that a Pigeon Forge Condo, on the river, and the thrill of Dixie Stampede is enough to get anyone’s feet stompin!

Here is a preview of their Amazing Christmas Show that is going on now!

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